Everything you need for a flawless ‘no-makeup’ makeup look

Everything you need for a flawless ‘no-makeup’ makeup look

The ‘no-makeup’ makeup look is perfect for any season

Happy summer! The team at Posh Lash Pro is eager and excited for what the hot girl summer season will bring us! With the hot and humid summer heat looming over us, a ‘no-makeup’ makeup look is the best way to look radiant and well-rested without the worry of runny and sweaty makeup smudges.

The key to the traditional no-makeup look is perfecting your base, keeping skin hydrated and then enhancing features with a quick swipe of mascara or a dab of highlighter. At PLP we recommend a pair of natural fake eyelashes to help enhance and brighten the look of your eyes so you look radiant for your no-makeup makeup look.

Take a look at all the makeup products and techniques with some CEO tips so you can achieve the best ‘no-makeup’ makeup look so you can look your best for the summer or any season.


Concealer is a must-have for the no-makeup look and can be used to hide dark circles, pimples and other blemishes. You want to pick up a concealer that matches your skin tone.

Steph used the Born This Way Concealer by Too Faced to achieve a brightened and even skin tone. She applied a thin layer of concealer to the creases of her face to avoid buildup or heaviness in the application. For the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look, Steph opted for just one layer of concealer because less is always more.


Blending is key! Don't apply too much concealer in the first layer of application because it may start to run or look cakey as you progress through the day, especially during the summer season.

To apply, use your ring or pinky finger to lightly pat the product onto any areas with redness, including around the nose and on any acne scars or blemishes. You can also use it as an eyeshadow primer!

Highlighter to brighten and lift your complexion

A good highlighter can create the illusion of glowing and well-rested skin even if you're out on 7 hours of sleep.

The best method is to highlight cheekbones and brow bones with a brush or your fingertips; the goal is to make them appear more prominent, not shiny or shimmery, which would take away from the natural look.

Steph used Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in Starstruck to highlight her brow bone and temples and blended it seamlessly into her concealer to create a smooth lift that brightened and lifted her complexion.

Another option is also to highlight the cupid's bow, which will help define this area and give it dimension without looking like you've applied foundation or concealer. If you don't want shimmer at all, opt for matte products. They tend not to have as much shine or shimmer, especially if you're worried about looking too shiny in photos.

Contouring and defining your natural features

Contouring is the opposite of highlighting. If highlighting brightens and lifts, contouring is to deepen and define.

Contouring is the cosmetic technique that shapes and defines your complexion by using different shades (usually darker than your natural skin tone) of makeup to enhance certain features or hide others. Contouring should be subtle; if done correctly, it will make your skin look smooth and natural without looking too fake or overdone.


Having a defined brow in the right shade of colour that compliments your hair colour is also considered contouring since your eyebrows help frame and create symmetry to your complexion.

A cheek stain for a flushed appearance

A cheek stain is a great way to achieve a naturally flushed look with minimal effort. They're easy to apply and reapply even after a nice meal, they last a long time and can be used alone or layered with other makeup.

Be sure to pick a neutral colour that won't clash with your skin tone—you don't want to draw attention away from your eyes and lips! The formula should also be light enough that it doesn't feel heavy on your face when worn throughout the day (or even longer than this).

Steph used Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush in Joy to achieve a flawless rosy flush on her cheeks. It warmed up her complexion and helped define and highlight her cheekbones.

Don't forget that it should blend seamlessly onto your cheeks without leaving behind streaks of colour or residue after application—this is crucial for achieving the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look. Blushes tend not only to create an illusion of healthy skin but also give off an impression that we're not wearing makeup when we are!

Don’t forget about your lips!

At PLP, our boutique lash collection is here to enhance and brighten your eyes so you can dazzle anyone in a room with your stare. But if eyes are the windows to your soul, lips are the doorways to your health.

A well-hydrated and exfoliated lip will create the illusion of a well-rested complexion. Since we’re going for a natural and flawless makeup application, adding a hint of lip balm to hydrate your lips with a light tint will enhance the look of a healthy and glowing complexion.

False strip eyelashes to increase volume and length for naturally full lashes.

Our favourite step of any makeup look! False strip eyelashes are the ultimate game changer! This step is optional for the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look, but why skip it when it can optimize your best feature?

For a natural no-makeup look, false lashes are an excellent way to give your eyes more definition and volume. False lashes can make your eyes look bigger and more awake. This is because they provide an instant lift and create the illusion of longer lashes from corner to corner. The addition of fullness will instantly brighten up any eye area, making it appear brighter and younger-looking.

We recommend the Posh Lash Pro natural strip lashes in Darling or Monroe with the Posh 2-in-1 Adhesive Eyeliner in clear to achieve the best ‘no-makeup’ makeup look. You can also use your standard eyelash glue that dries in clear to achieve a seamless application to your eye makeup.

Setting spray for a dewy, radiant finish

For the final step, finish everything off with a layer of setting spray so you can rest assured that your makeup is not going anywhere once you step out the door and face the summer humidity.

Setting spray is a great way to set your makeup, especially if you're looking for a more natural look. It helps keep everything in place and last longer than it would otherwise. The best part about setting spray is that it doesn't dry out your skin or make it too matte, which means you can have that dewy look all day long without the worry of your makeup running or sliding off your face because of the summer heat!

You can also opt for a hydrating or toner spray to hydrate the skin before foundation or concealer. Then, apply setting powder followed by a few spritzes of setting spray to blend your foundation and concealer seamlessly to achieve a radiant, dewy glow and finish to your skin.


Remember that even though this product sets makeup, don't let yourself get too heavy-handed with anything else; otherwise, you'll look cakey instead of fresh-faced and glowy!

The ‘no-makeup’ makeup look is perfect for any season!

At Posh Lash Pro, the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look is one of our favourite day-to-day looks. It’s a crucial cosmetic technique that any enthusiast must know because it's perfect for any occasion and season. Remember that the key to the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look besides makeup and cosmetics is having a good skincare routine, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep.

Treat yourself to your perfected self-care routine at night when you're ready for your bedtime rituals. This will allow your skincare routine to sink into the skin while you sleep so they'll have maximum results when you wake up—plus it gives those products time to do their jobs while there are fewer environmental factors affecting them.

Once you've perfected your makeup application technique and self-care rituals, adding a pair of Posh Lash Pro natural false strip lashes is the cherry on top of a perfect ‘no-makeup’ makeup look. PLP’s natural false strip lashes will make your eyes pop while complimenting that radiating complexion that will dazzle everyone in the room.

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