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Fall Shedding

Fall Shedding

ORANGE you glad its Autumn now? Who doesn’t love the beautiful warm gradients of Mother Natures trees! The lush green leaves we get most of the year are slowly changing its colour into rich reds, deep oranges and bright yellow hues. Especially if you live in the glorious north, aka Canada! The wind slowly blows across our northern skies, gently carrying all the leaves that have fallen.

Did you know that an average person loses up to 5 lashes every day? That’s because lashes have a hair growth cycle of their own, but during the breezy Fall weather and as that harsh Winter rolls in, your lash cycle slightly changes. So, if you noticed that they shed more frequently, don’t be alarmed!


So why do lashes shed in the Fall?

As the weather transitions from season to season, the temperature and humidity changes as well. These changes affect our lash growth cycle and can be a reason as to why more lashes shed during the colder seasonsJust like your skin tends to feel drier during the cold Winters, or when insects molt out of their old skin. Your body naturally starts increasing oil production to keep your hair and skin hydrated. But if you generally have dry skin all year round, then your body doesn’t produce enough oils that your lashes need to grow longer. They tend to be more brittle and likely to fall out prematurely.

On average, the cycle of a single lash lasts anywhere between 60 to 90 days. The 3 phases are Anagen (the active growth phase), Catagen (the transitional phase) and Telogen (resting phase). Anagen typically runs between 15-20 days, Catagen is 14-21 days and Telogen lasts between 30-45 days. During the summer, the heat may trigger more lashes to go into the resting phase which puts the growth at a halt, causing them to shed more over the next 30-60 days as the weather shifts into the Fall.


What can you do to prepare for the Fall Shed?

Educate your clients. Tell your clients what to expect! Let them know that when the seasons change, some people will experience heavier lash shedding in the fall and winter months, and that this is completely normal.

Book your clients earlier. Heavier shedding means more refills! Encourage them to book a 2-week fill instead of a 3-4-week refill to keep their lashes full and fabulous throughout the Fall.

Maintain a healthy diet. As we all know, a good clean diet is key, not only to a healthy body, but also to maintaining healthy hair, nails, and lashes! Consult a nutritionist or dietician to see what vitamins or minerals your body is lacking, to upkeep a healthier you!


Ways to Promote Retention

Make sure your lash glue is fresh. We recommend replacing it every 1-2 months. Do not try to push your lash glue any further than 2 months as it will lose their strength. Saving that few dollars is not all that worth it. A happy client is priceless.

When consulting a new client, try to find out if they have had their lashes done before. If so, find out where (if they’re comfortable telling you), and what they liked or disliked about the particular set, or why they chose to go with a new technician. There are so many questions and tips, we will have to share them with you in a future blog!

We’ve had clients share their negative experiences with us, and though they try to book a refill ASAP, their technician was not able to accommodate them at the time. Most clients aren’t willing to admit that their lashes did not last or indicate what they were dissatisfied with. It’s important your clients be open and honest so you can properly fill the voids they’re yearning for. This is why at Posh Lash Pro, we aim to be as transparent as possible with all our clients. We also thoroughly educate our lash artists so that they can further share the knowledge and tips of a lasting lash set with you!

Tip: don’t be afraid to ask them the right questions!

Lash extensions do not stick to dirty lashes! Make sure your client’s lashes are thoroughly cleansed before you begin. It is also highly recommended to have your clients come with zero make-up and clean lashes.

Check your room temperature and humidity. Make sure your lash adhesive works with your room temperature and humidity. Most adhesives work well between 22-25 degrees Celsius. But some lash adhesives work best in a humidity environment of 70% and some work better in a 35% humidity environment. Always double check the manufacture’s label to be safe.


Hope this helps ease your mind! 

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