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July Lash Tips

Welcoming the end of July with some lash tips! As a lash artist, you are meticulous to providing your clients the best experience for their eyelash extensions or eyelash tints. However, it is very common from clients to find a new lash technician/artist because their previous one didn't do quite a good job. In the last month I have noticed more of these clients. The more clients, the happier I am! But I'm here this month to tell you why it's so important to trust your eyelash extension artist, and why you need to do your research before you commit! HEALTH IS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.  


I cannot stress this enough. All lash artists work differently. All eyes are different. Make sure you address all concerns, questions, and your choice of style between you and your lash artist thoroughly. With over 200 styles of eyelash extensions to go with, your lash artist can cater TOWARDS YOU, your eye shape, and your style preference. 


Most often my new clients are ones that have previously been to someone else. Remember this: All lash artists work differently! Do your research before you commit to your lash artist. Check for a portfolio. Check their before and afters. Look for their Instagram or Facebook, anything that will showcase their work. This will let you know if you will be interested in this artist. Some artists focus on classic styles, some only volume, some a hybrid. 

For further information, head over to Life with Pris Wong's article on Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extentions. Click here




1. Is there too much glue?

In the photos provided from my clients, you can see that the previous lash artist used too much glue (the ball of glue at the root of the extension). The excessive use of glue may damage your natural lashes.

2. Are the lashes going to be damaging to my eyes?

It's unfortunate, but this could happen. This is why I cannot stress enough to trust your lash artist. You want to make sure your eyelash extensions are not too heavy or clumpy for your client. It is possible to walk out with TOO MUCH LASHES, and your natural lashes could be damaged. With an excessive use of glue, your eyelash extensions will be glued together. 

3. Are the lashes too long for the eyes?

If you find yourself with eyelash extensions that you find too long, never cut them! Have them removed and ask for a shorter length. 

4. Is there thought put into the style and design of lashes? 

Most of the time you want eyelash extensions for the style, so they can emphasize your features. But what happens when the lash extensions are the same length throughout? They're pretty boring. And a waste of both time and money! Make sure you consult with your lash artist. For example, if you want one to specifically open up your eyes, ask for longer lengths at one end, and shorter at the other for a cat-eye look. There are many choices to choose from! This is where I will repeat myself again, DO YOUR RESEARCH.  


That's all for now! Stay tuned for next month's post. 

In the mean time, you can find me on my socials! Let's chat!

Steph Wong
IG: @stephwongmua

(Written by Pris Wong)

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