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Lash Myths Debunked: One Size Does Not Fit All

Lash Myths Debunked: One Size Does Not Fit All

You’ve heard and seen the infamous “one size fits all” but here at Posh Lash Professional and Steph Wong MUA, we absolutely DO NOT believe that when it comes to all things lashes.

We’ve all seen the popularity of lash extensions grow over the last decade. Who doesn’t want those gorgeous model-like lashes, so full and long! But just because one “look” suits one person well, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will suite another An important thing you must remember before lashing away, is to first consult with a professional.

Our Posh Lash Professional Artists go through intense and comprehensive training where they are thoroughly educated about Client Consultations. We consider your eye shape, distances between the eyes, different lash styles and placement techniques, are just some to name. With these focal points in mind, it allows the technician to choose the right lash set for you based on length, curl and thickness. Every client is different, and every set of eyes are different. Knowing this will ultimately help you and your lash tech achieve the best look to suite your eyes. Let’s take a closer look at the lash characteristics.


Lash extensions come in a range of lengths, all which can be used for different uses and styles.

Longer length lashes are 13 mm or more. This is usually used for individuals who want that extra glam.
Medium length lashes are 9-12 mm. This is usually used as filler lashes, or on teen/Catagen lashes.
Shorter length lashes are 6-8 mm are usually for baby/Anagen lashes, or fine/thin lashes.

Your technician will determine the appropriate mix of lengths to use for your natural lashes that will not cause the eyes to droop or lashes to curl away. For example, if a client has naturally short lashes, the technician should not adhere longer lash fans to the short lashes, as it would be too heavy to support it and cause a ‘droopy’ look. Instead, they would slowly build the length by using medium lash lengths such as 9 mm to 12 mm's. It should be noted here that improper lashing can also damage your natural lashes and follicles. Keep in mind that the finished results should never feel heavy on the eyes. Especially over time. The goal is to accentuate natural beauty.



Now that you know lashes come in lengths, but did you also know that they come in different curls? Some commonly known curls are J, B, C, D and L.

J-Curls have a straight with a slight curl on the ends like a lower case “j”.
B-Curls have a little more curl.
C-Curls are the classic, wide-eyed look, and is suitable for anyone who doesn’t have naturally pin-straight lashes.
D-Curls are a curlier than C-curl, which can be used to give straight lashes more of a lift, creating an eye-opening effect.
L-Curls are shaped like the letter L, and gives a beautiful lift to the eyes that have  super straight and downward pointing natural lashes.

Taking into account the variety of curls, length and natural lashes that a client has, we believe that no two extension sets are ever the same!




Just as length and curl are important, the thickness of your lash extensions is something to consider as well. The lash set must work with your natural lashes to compliment your natural look. If you have thin natural lashes, then applying a thickness of 0.15 or higher would not be ideal for you, so keeping it under 0.12 thickness is recommended. Thicker and heavier sets on your natural lashes, as previously mentioned, will create a droopy looking eye, and could possibly damage your natural lashes and follicles.

It is important for a good lash technician to always examine the natural state of your lashes before selecting an appropriate extension set, making sure your natural lash can support the weight of the extensions.



Now that you know why we don’t believe in one size fits all”, you are also better equipped with the knowledge to discuss these characteristics of lashing with your technician. We make sure to educate our clients on how to maintain, clean and care for your lashes at home. Looking to the 9’s is our goal and pleasure, so don’t forget to book that refill appoint!

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