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Fun Facts about Cosmetic Use in Ancient Egypt Did you know that the eyeliner started as early as 400 BC...

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ORANGE you glad its Autumn now? Who doesn’t love the beautiful warm gradients of Mother Natures trees! The lush green...

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You’ve heard and seen the infamous “one size fits all” but here at Posh Lash Professional and Steph Wong MUA,...

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Take your time. Practice makes perfect! Practicing proper isolation is what makes a beautiful set. You do not want to disrupt the natural lash growth by clumping them together!

If you damage the eyelashes this could result to (and not limited to the following): 

  • Lash loss
  • Lash hairs not growing back properly 
  • Discomfort to client's eyes
  • Eye irritations
  • Redness inside the eye and eyelids
  • Extra dry cornea 
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