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Tips for Successful Lash Application


Take your time. Practice makes perfect! Practicing proper isolation is what makes a beautiful set. You do not want to disrupt the natural lash growth by clumping them together!

If you damage the eyelashes this could result to (and not limited to the following): 

  • Lash loss
  • Lash hairs not growing back properly 
  • Discomfort to client's eyes
  • Eye irritations
  • Redness inside the eye and eyelids
  • Extra dry cornea 

In severe cases, any inward turned or improperly placed lash extensions could lead to: 

  • A scratched cornea, or corneal abrasion 
  • Superficial punctuate keratitis 
Lash extensions-20-lashed2.jpg


Having the best tools plays a huge part in your success! Seek out all the best options, and what works for you. If you seek out the expensive tools, but prefer the inexpensive ones, that's okay too! Just make sure your tools are not bent! As long as you have a solid grasp, it should not be difficult to isolate properly. Always research what products people love, read the reviews, and invest in the tools that work for you. 

It's also important to work with tools that match your experience. If you need more practice with isolation, use an adhesive that doesn't dry immediately. 

Lash extensions-121-lashed.jpg


Never stop learning. Keep doing your research if you must. But practice until you are ready! You do not have to charge your clients if you aren't ready. Practice on live models. Ask your friends, family, whoever is willing to let you practice. If you need more help or guidance, speak up to your trainer! Find a technique that works for YOU. Everyone works differently, so a technique that works for another lash artist, may not work for you. 


That's all for now! 

Stay tuned for next's month's blog! Drop a comment below if there's anything you recommend, or want to see in my blog series.

Written by: Life with Pris Wong

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