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How to Pick the Perfect Posh Lash Pro Strip Lash for your Eye Shape

Our Lash Guide for your Eye Shape

Picking the perfect strip lash for your eyes can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming; with the huge selection of lash lengths, styles, sizes, and methods to wear them and don’t forget glitter lashes! It can be quite challenging to make sure your strip lashes compliment your eyes and makeup look without compromising your natural features.

Our CEO Stephanie once encountered a bride who had the wrong pair of lashes fitted to her eyes on her wedding day, they were too thick for her eyes making her look as if she was squinting the entire time.

At PLP, we want to make sure that your special moment isn’t compromised by this subtle yet impactful detail. We’ve created this quick lash guide on choosing the perfect pair of Posh Lash Pro strip lashes for any eye shape.


Monolid eyelids have little to no crease and no visible arch, making the eye shape look straighter. Those with monolids should opt for eye makeup and lashes that make their eyes look bigger.

At PLP, we recommend our Darling lashes for a natural daywear look to lift the eyes and look more open. We want to avoid false eyelashes that overpower the eyes for a more dramatic look. For an evening out, we recommend Monroe to add just the right amount of drama to the eyes without compromising the size of your eyes.


Almond eyes are longer in width and have a visible crease, and have the illusion of looking smaller since the iris’ will be covered by the eyelids. Almond eyes can pull off very dramatic eye makeup looks as they have a natural intensity to their eyes.

At PLP, we recommend Monroe for a daywear look to take advantage of a little drama for the day. Our most dramatic lashes in the PLP collection are perfect for a night out for those who have almond eyes. Our Stiletto lashes complement the intensity of your eye shape, especially with bold smokey eye makeup; your eyes will have a smoulder that will capture anyone in a room.


how to pick lashes for hooded eyes

Hooded eyes are where the eyes are hidden under the eyelid when they're open and have a deep-set crease with a more defined brow bone.

We recommend our Darling lashes paired with a bold brow to give your eyes an extra little lift to the arch to make the eyes look more open for a daywear look. In contrast, our Posh lashes are great for a glam evening look to make your eye makeup pop.


how to pick fake eyelashes for round eyes

Round-shaped eyes give the illusion of the largest eye as the eyelids evenly reveal the white parts around your iris. The corners of the eyes are neither up nor downturned. Bold eyeliner and eye shadow are great for round eyes. As round eye shapes make the eyes look bigger, there's no fear of thick lashes overpowering your eyes.

We recommend our Amour lashes for a day look with or without eye makeup and Stiletto lashes for a bold evening look. Both sets of strip lashes will highlight the size of your eyes.


how to pick fake eyelashes for upturn eye shape

Upturn eyes have a slight upward slant toward the outer corner of the eye and give an illusion of the cat-eye. Upturn eyes can look more narrow and give the illusion of smaller eyes.

We recommend Nova lashes for a fun evening look and our Monroe lashes for a natural daywear look. When the bands of both strip lashes are fitted and trimmed correctly to fit your eyes, both styles have the illusion of fuller clusters towards the outer corner. Really lifting the outer corners of the eyes.


On the other hand, Downturn eyes have a slight downward slant toward the outer corners of the eye. Highlighting the brow bone is great to open up the eye.

We recommend our Monroe lashes to compliment the brow bone for a daywear look. For an evening look, our Amour lashes will highlight the openness of the inner corners of your eyes and lift the outer corners.


The perfect strip lashes for any eye shape

At Posh Lash Pro, our boutique lash collection is perfect for any cosmetic enthusiast looking to add an extra bit of glam to bring out their best makeup looks for any occasion. At PLP, we took care to design a collection of strip lashes that are sustainable, cruelty-free, and comfortable for the wearer while being versatile and accommodating to a wide range of eye shapes.

Shop our collection and find the perfect pair of strip lashes to fit any occasion. To help you on your journey of lash perfection, we’ve created a Posh Lash Pro Instagram filter for all our lashes so you can see how the lashes look based on your eye shape.

If you’re still not sure of your eye shape or have difficulty choosing your perfect lashes, feel free to reach out to the Posh Lash Pro team; as professional makeup artists, we would be happy to assist you.

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