Our tips for an easy clean beauty routine

Our tips for an easy clean beauty routine

Things to know when switching to a cleaner beauty routine

For National Clean Beauty Day, the team at PLP would like to share some super simple methods you can make the switch to a clean beauty routine without it being overwhelming,

If you're trying to switch to a clean beauty routine, it can be overwhelming at first, especially with so much information out there, but it's not impossible. There are ways to make the transition easier and faster. You might wonder which ingredients are safe and harmful or which brands are trustworthy and which aren't. You may also be wondering how much time the whole process will take.

We've put together a list of tips for making this transition as easy as possible:

1. Know your clean beauty labels

Make sure you're buying cruelty-free products when you're looking to spruce up your beauty routine. Look for PETA and Leaping Bunny logos on all products before you purchase them. The logos verify and confirm that the companies and all third parties involved in the production of your products are cruelty-free, that no animals were used in testing your new products, and that they were made by smaller companies committed to annual testing to maintain their cruelty-free standards.

Why is this important? Most large brands and companies are often not cruelty-free. They may also use cheaper ingredients than small companies making beauty products with higher-quality ingredients. So go ahead—great things are worth spending a little extra money on!

2. Start small and go slowly

Start with the products you use the most and the ones most likely to penetrate through your skin. Make changes gradually and take time to research products that work for you and fit your budget and lifestyle. You can create a clean beauty routine that works for you without having to make tons of changes at once or spending a fortune.

We recommend starting with the products you use most and are most likely to penetrate your skin: cleansers, serums, moisturizers, and sunscreens. If you're going to make changes in your beauty routine, it makes sense to start with these products first. These products get closest to our face every day, so they absorb into us more than other items like hair spray or dry shampoo.

However, if you have health and safety concerns, consult a doctor or healthcare specialist before making any decisions to transition.

3. Eliminate parabens, phthalates, sulphates and synthetic fragrances.

We know what you're thinking. Natural fragrances are much more expensive than synthetic ones. They're also harder to find and often require a trip to an actual store instead of ordering online with one click. But they're worth it—when it comes to scents, natural is always better and safer.

Natural fragrances are made from real ingredients like essential oils, extracts and absolutes distilled and extracted from plants, often via steam distillation. These have been used for centuries in perfumes and aromatherapy because they have unique properties that give them distinct scents. By using natural fragrances rather than synthetic ones, you'll be able to avoid any potential endocrine disruptors or irritants that could harm your health over time—while also reducing the number of chemicals entering our oceans when these products enter the waste stream!

We recommend the Posh Lash Pro Altar of Roses Oil-Free Makeup remover that uses a natural rose water ingredient locally grown in Toronto!

4. A few synthetic ingredients are fine but pay close attention to their safety profile.

Many synthetic ingredients are safe, but some aren't. Pay close attention to their safety profile and consider switching to a natural alternative if one is available.

Some synthetic ingredients are safe in small amounts but not in large doses. If you're using an ingredient containing a synthetic fragrance (for example), try reducing the amount, so it's not too strong or concentrated. If you're allergic or sensitive to certain fragrances and chemicals in beauty products, this can lead to reactions ranging from skin irritation to breathing problems and headaches. So keep an eye out for certain ingredients used as preservatives that can cause irritation.

Try to find products with safer preservatives like vitamin E and green tea extract, which help prevent bacteria from growing in the product. If you're looking for a clean beauty makeup product, we recommend the Posh Lash Pro 2-in-1 Adhesive Eyeliner, a latex-free product that lowers the risk for irritation. Small changes like these can make a huge difference toward your long-term goals for a cruelty-free clean beauty routine.

5. Clean your beauty products and cosmetic brushes and applicators

Our last most important tip is to keep your makeup brushes, sponges, wands, or any cosmetic applicators clean! This may seem obvious, but a big part of clean beauty, like anything, is keeping the discipline to sanitize and care for your beauty products correctly. Take a look at our post on how to clean your false eyelashes so your lash beauty will be a part of your clean beauty routine.

Whether you’re transitioning to a cleaner beauty routine or you’re a veteran clean beauty enthusiast. It’s crucial to practice safe makeup application by cleaning and sanitizing your beauty products when and where possible after every use. This is not only the best way to maintain proper and appropriate hygiene standards to avoid the risk of irritating your skin but also a method of self-care so that you look fresh and radiant every time you apply your makeup.

Try the Posh Lash Pro Altar of Roses Oil-Free Makeup Remover which also doubles as a great clean beauty product to sanitize and clean your makeup applicators.

Clean beauty is not an overnight change

The team at Posh Lash Pro hopes this list of tips will help you on your journey to clean beauty, stress-free and fun! The most important thing is not to get overwhelmed and give up. Try to make one change at a time; it'll be easier for you to stick with it.

Remember! Even if you don't have all these products yet, there are still ways to make your routine green! Don't forget about your brushes (are they animal-free?) or how often you wash them; what ingredients are in your toothpaste? Are there any other products on this list that could use some updating? We know it's not easy, but we're here for you every step of the way!

If you're looking to take the first step toward making your beauty routine cleaner, the Posh Lash Pro lash care kit is a significant first step into incorporating a more natural and clean beauty product.

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