The Best Eyelashes for Asian Eyes

The Best Eyelashes for Asian Eyes

What are false eyelashes for Asian eyes?

Happy Asian Pacific Islander (API) Month! We wanted to share our favourite lash brands with you that have the best eyelashes for Asian eyes to celebrate this important month!

Posh Lash Pro (PLP) is a WOC-owned and operated luxury lash brand. As a brand founded by a woman of Asian ethnicity, our CEO Stephanie Wong wanted to share some of her favourite lash brands that have inspired her to start PLP.

Before starting Posh Lash Pro, Stephanie noticed a gap in the false eyelash industry, specifically for strip lashes that offer different styles and lash lengths for Asian eyes without hindering the natural beauty of monolids, hooded and almond-shaped eyes.

Through her extensive experience as a makeup artist, a common issue she faced was brides fitted with strip lashes that were too thick and heavy and weighed down their eyelids, making them look like they were squinting in their photos on their most important day.

Another challenge Stephanie faced was being able to find strip lashes for herself. As a woman of Asian ethnicity, she shared the challenges that these brides faced. She noticed that she had to purchase false eyelashes overseas, or they were only accessible through mom & pop Asian beauty supply stores that didn’t always offer quality false strip eyelashes.

Stephanie realized a significant lack of diversity in the cosmetic industry that ventured outside of Caucasian facial features and a gap in the industry that offered luxury and well-designed false strip eyelashes for Asian eyes.

We wanted to highlight the lash brands that set the standards for luxury strip lashes for the Asian demographic and inspired us to create Posh Lash Pro.

Here are three of the best false eyelash brands for Asian eyes that started it all for us.

Posh Lash Pro

Posh Lash Pro is a luxury strip lash brand designed with cosmetic enthusiasts of Asian ethnicities in mind. Our boutique lash collection is designed with a flexible lash band to accommodate various eye shapes with lightweight faux mink lash fibres. PLP offers strip lashes that do not weigh down your eyelids and instead lift and open up your eyes to accentuate and maximize your natural features and cosmetic look. Even if you’re going for a dark smouldering smokey eye makeup look, your eyes will still look bright and open; that’s our promise.

Take a look at our blog post on how to pick the perfect pair of lashes for your eye shape so you can find the best style of PLP lashes to fit any occasion.


Ardell is a popular drugstore false eyelash brand that offers a wide range of lash styles and lengths at a super competitive price. Ardell has been a pioneer in creating quality false strip and individual eyelashes that feature their signature clear band. With lightweight lash fibres and lash styles, Ardell lashes do not weigh down the eyelids. Instead, they elongate the length of the eyes, giving an illusion of an exaggerated cat or fox eye effect.

Ardell has successfully incorporated both quality false eyelash materials with proven research into accentuating the natural beauty of monolids, hooded and almond-shaped eyes. An ace in our book for the AAPI demographic!

Dolly Wink

Dolly Wink is an iconic false strip eyelash brand in East Asia. A Tokyo-based brand and one of Asia’s first eyelash brands with a range of lash styles made and designed specifically for Asian eyes. Dolly Wink lashes are designed to achieve a doll-like cosmetic look intended to create a youthful and innocent appearance to your eyes and complexion, more commonly referred to as the “kawaii” beauty trend. It was made famous by its founder Tsubasa Masuwaka who championed the kawaii fashion and makeup style trends in the early noughties. This cosmetic and fashion trend caught onto mainstream media and in our opinion never left and continues to be a much sought-after makeup look worldwide.

Dolly Wink lashes continue to offer a wide range of strip lash styles and lash kits at competitive prices with lightweight top and bottom lash fibres that are flexible and comfortable, a favourite on our list of lash brands for the Asian demographic.

Celebrating AAPI Lash Brands

It may sound trivial to some that there are lash brands that consider the challenges of the API demographic. However, as cosmetic enthusiasts have learned, there is no “one size fits all” solution to beauty. We want to celebrate AAPI month by recognizing the lash brands that have paved the way for diversity and created an inviting space for BIPOC individuals.

Posh Lash Pro stands for diversity and is committed to creating a safe space for individuals looking to explore the endless possibilities of their natural beauty. As the cosmetics industry continues to grow and expand, we hope to be part of an industry that recognizes the challenges of API individuals when it comes to their cosmetic exploration and journey.

Let us know if you have a false eyelash brand that you’d love for us to include in a future post.

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