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Women Empowerment with Perfect Palettes

Women Empowerment with Perfect Palettes
In honour of Women’s History Month, Posh Lash Professional Inc. has decided to select a few individuals to express their thoughts about what women empowerment means to them on our platform. We wanted to be able to share their story and show our support to women who own a business from food, to custom skincare to health supplements. 
Introducing Perfect Palettes! Perfect Palettes™ were created by Gracie Myers and Rachel Renna; two professional Canadian makeup artists who also happen to be new moms. Due to COVID-19 quarantines, bookings came to a complete halt due to the closure of all non-essential businesses. They suddenly found themselves at home with our little ones, and although they loved it, they were itching to stay busy and create something new! As mobile artist’s they are so used to always being on-the-go, that they quickly found out that sitting still wasn't meant for them. The idea came to light during a late-night chat, when they realized that Perfect Palettes™ were the tool that was missing in their professional and personal makeup kits! 
"After working in the beauty industry for a combined 18 years, we never came across a magnetic palette that met all our needs as mobile artists. The market had durable palettes with hinged lids but no window, ones with a window but no hinge, ones with magnets that were too strong, ones with magnets that were too weak and palettes that were broken or completely worn out after a few months of use."
- Perfect Palettes 
Check out their full interview below!
What made you decide to go into business? 
As professional makeup artists we saw a gap in the market for a product that we always wanted but could never find. Perfect Palettes was a solution we found for ourselves, and wanted to share it with everyone!


Who in your life inspires you? It can be anyone or any company.

We have a newfound appreciation for our mothers and how they managed having multiple children while juggling their careers. Times were different in the 80’s and we know took on so much of the responsibilities! But we love SO MANY beauty influencers and wish we knew the secret to mastering the art of producing YouTube videos as that’s a medium we would love to get into.

What does women empowerment mean to you?

Embracing the challenges of being a female boss (and perhaps mother) but most importantly, supporting other women and helping them reach their goals.

How do we set ourselves apart from other businesses?

By staying true to our values, knowing our WHY, and not comparing ourselves to other people or other businesses. We like to stay connected with our customers who have the same passions and interests as that is what keeps us focused. Be unapologetically authentic.

As a mother and professional? What have you sacrificed (both personally and professionally) at each stage of your career? If you are not a mother, what did you have to sacrifice in your personal life to become where you are now?

Being new moms we have realized the value of our time so it has been a transition sacrificing time with our family to focus on Perfect Palettes. We wear a lot of hats and are doing every element of our business by ourselves so we are thankful to have each other as partners to lighten the load and support one another.

What is your long-term goal for your business? (example: what do you hope to achieve, or where do you hope to see your business in 5 years?) We would love to run our company in closer proximity (currently we are partners and living 1200km away from one another in Toronto and Thunder Bay). But we ultimately just hope to create more innovative products for makeup lovers and we would love to see some of our products in retail stores.

What is your most significant barrier in your career?

Finding the time to keep up and keep it all together. Between our own work, social media accounts and our responsibilities as wives and mothers. But trying not to be too hard on ourselves through it all. On our many late nights on the phone, our motto has often been: “Let’s shelf this for tomorrow!”

How do you balance work and life?

It's an ongoing challenge. We try to keep ourselves organized as much as possible by blocking off work time and family time, but it does end up overlapping a lot. It's quite hard with toddlers.

Anything you want to say to those who want to start their own business. Just start. Do one thing at a time that moves you forward. It can be as simple as creating a logo or making a to do list. Then execute.

Anything else you want to add or want people to know about you and your business?

We are really passionate and have strong core values that are the foundation of our business. The biggest one is remaining eco-conscious and supportive towards our industry. We want to maintain a non-toxic, positive space where everyone feels welcome!


Such amazing women! Be sure to check them out and support them! 

You can find them at: 



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