Women Empowerment with TRINSARTPROJECT

Women Empowerment with TRINSARTPROJECT

In honour of Women’s History Month, Posh Lash Professional Inc. has decided to select a few individuals to express their thoughts about what women empowerment means to them on our platform. We wanted to be able to share their story and show our support to women who own a business from food, to custom skincare to health supplements. 

Introducing Trinity Wong. An independent Asian small business owner of @TRINSARTPROJECT, that creates hand embroidered custom tote bags, crewnecks, and hoodies. All of her designs are created by her imagination and passion, and hergoal is to bring your vision to life. With a range of coloured threads that you can choose from, the possibilities are endless. She is always learning something new, and her skills are improving with time. Trinity plans to expand her range of products to have more variety, and is working on her launch of handmade healing crystal jewelry! She is a passionate, hardworking, determined, motivated individual who believes in prioritizing mental health and self-love. Trinity is a full time student at Ryerson University, and runs this small business on the side.

"I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me!" 

- Trinity



Check out her full interview below!


What made you decide to go into business?

It all started summer 2020, I picked up the art of hand embroidery to keep busy during the pandemic because I had so much time on my hands. I made a few creations on tote bags and then I created a sweater design with my well-known ghost art and I decided to post it on Tik Tok. I received a lot of attention and my video went viral. Knowing the positive response and the demand, I decided to make my hobby into a small business because I wanted to share my art with the world, and it is so rewarding to know that my artwork can make others happy. From that day moving forward, I’ve had people from all over the world supporting my small business, and I am so very grateful for the support! In the next coming months, I will be incorporating hand made jewelry and I am very excited for the first launch.

Who in your life inspires you? It can be anyone or any company. 

My parents inspire me more than anyone in this world, they were the ones who encouraged me and pushed me to make my love for embroidery into a small business. They have been my number one supporters for as long as I remember, and they have always believed in my ability to be successful in everything I do. They push me to be productive, determined, motivated, and hardworking, I don’t know what I would do without them.

What does women empowerment mean to you? 

To me, women empowerment is strength, promoting a woman’s sense of self-worth, and being accepting towards our ability to determine our own choices, and to create change by raising awareness. Women empowerment is knowing that our opinions, emotions, and viewpoints matter just as much as anyone else’s. It means living our lives with purpose and meaning, ensuring our lives are fulfilled, while being a role model for those around us to bring change. 

How do you differentiate yourself? 

TRINSARTPROJECT’s products and goodies are all handmade and managed by me, and no one else. I am a one woman show, and I put lots of love and care into bringing every one of my customer’s visions to life. I ensure to build relationships with my supporters so it is more than just a business transaction, but I can say that I have learned something interesting about someone new, and I maintain that human connection. That’s what I love so much about being a small business owner, meeting new people while sharing my passion with them. 

What is your long-term goal for your business? (example: what do you hope to achieve, or where do you hope to see your business in 5 years?)

For TRINSARTPROJECT, my goal is to inspire others and to continuously share my art with people around the world. I hope to expand my options of inventory so I have a large variety of products to embroider on. When the time is right, I hope to use my small business as a way to contribute back to society, whether that be collaborating with a foundation or charity, or to simply raise awareness towards a prevalent issue in society. In the end, as long as I continue to make people smile with my custom designs and friendly customer service, that is what matters the most to me. Creating new connections with fellow small businesses has been a blessing and you meet so many people along the way!  

What is your most significant barrier in your career? 

My most significant barrier when it comes to my small business is having to balance being a full time student in university. A healthy work-life balance has been essential and necessary in order to be successful in both school and my small business. It has been difficult but never impossible!

How do you balance work and life? 

At the start of every week I create a chart and schedule what I am going to strive to achieve or complete on each day of the week, and I try to follow my schedule as best as possible. I also ensure to be understanding towards the idea that life is unpredictable and anything can happen, so I have to always remind myself to be patient and to not be so hard on myself when something changes or interferes with my schedule. Patience, time management, motivation, and taking care of my mental health/well-being have been the most important aspects when it comes to balancing work and personal life. I prioritize my mental well-being and I do what’s necessary to maintain a positive mindset. Taking care of your mental health and taking care of you, is what will help you become successful. You will be able to achieve more, and be a lot more productive, and you prevent the risk of burning out and losing that spark of passion. 

Anything you want to say to those who want to start their own business. 

GO FOR IT! If you have a budding idea, designate time and effort and bring your idea to fruition. It takes a lot of work, time, and effort, but being able to successfully run your own business is extremely rewarding and you learn so many lessons throughout the process. Don’t ever allow anyone’s opinions or thoughts on you to hold you back and prevent you from reaching your dreams and goals! Anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it. Our success is all dependent on our mindset, and as long as you believe that you can stand out, and make your mark in this world, that is all you really need. Believe in yourself and everything else will follow! 


How amazing is Trinity! Be sure to follow along her journey and support her! You can find her below. 


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trinsartproject/

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