Easter-Inspired Makeup Looks for Spring 2022

Easter-Inspired Makeup Looks for Spring 2022

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Happy Spring! This time of year is incredibly colourful and festive! With Easter around the corner, the team at Posh Lash Pro (PLP) put together three Easter-inspired makeup looks so you can be ready for all the festivities Spring will bring!

Here’s a small lookbook of how versatile our Nova Lashes are and some tips on how you can explore the endless possibilities of your eyeshadow palette for this festive season!

Add a Pop or Lots of Colour!

easter spring inspired makeup look 2022

Our CEO Stephanie Wong put together an Easter-inspired makeup look with bunny ears to match! Springtime is the time for playing with colours, so be bold with pastels and rainbows! Steph blended a rainbow of colours to create an ombre eyeshadow look with the Posh Lash Pro Nova lashes to add just the right amount of fun and glamour for Easter egg hunting or Spring-themed brunches.

Try using a black and white eyeliner plus a little bit of eyeshadow to achieve a fun face paint of the Easter bunny ears! It’ll definitely catch the eye of any Easter-Egg hunter!

Show us your Easter bunny ears and shop our Nova Lashes!

CEO Tip!

Steph recommends applying your eyeshadow first, then foundation and concealer afterwards. This will avoid any eyeshadow smudging on your face while you perfect your eye makeup masterpiece.

Lashes are Timeless

With Spring comes Mother’s Day! In celebration of our upcoming favourite holiday, Stephanie gave Mama Wong a Spring-themed makeover. Steph put together this look to share how timeless and ageless the PLP Nova lashes are on anyone! Adding a hint of colour matched with a highlighter and trimming your lashes to the perfect size has lifted Mama Wong’s eyes and brought a youthful Springtime freshness to her complexion!

Make an event for Mother’s Day and create a look that will make mama look springtime and Easter ready!

CEO Tip!

Steph recommends layering your eyeshadow colours and blending outwards to create a natural blend and following the folds of the eyelids to create a naturally brightened and lifted eye makeup look!

Add a Hint of White and Pink

Rachel Renna, our makeup artist du jour, and co-founder of Perfect Palettes created a Spring-themed look with the Posh Lash Pro Nova lashes. Rachel’s look is warm with shades of pink eyeshadow and blush with rose-coloured lips, and she’s used a hint of white eyeliner on her waterline to create the illusion of wider eyes. The PLP Nova lashes add just the right amount of drama to the look, creating a versatile look that can go from day to night.

Shop our Nova Lashes so you can recreate this look!

Experiment with different shades and hues of Easter-inspired pastels and pair them with a set of strip lashes to achieve a warm makeup look that is vibrant and neutral all at the same time.

Lashes for Easter and Every Occasion

The sun is finally coming out, and although it’s a rainy season, it’s a festive one too. Our PLP Boutique lash collection has you covered for every Spring-themed event. Even if you have one pair of PLP strip lashes in your collection, you can create many different looks and be camera ready for any spotlight moment.

Share your latest Easter-Inspired Makeup look for Spring and remember to tag us!

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