How to care for your natural lashes

How to care for your natural lashes

Tips for growing and caring for your natural lashes

Eyelashes are often the first thing we notice about our faces and how we look. They can make us feel confident or self-conscious, depending on whether they're long, full, thin, or sparse. At Posh Lash Pro, we offer luxury style strip lashes that enhance the look of your natural lashes with styles that range from natural to glam!

However, like everything related to cosmetics, we want to encourage every cosmetic enthusiast to care for their natural beauty while they explore the possibilities of cosmetics. So we encourage safe lash practices throughout your journey, and we’ve put together this post to share the best ways to keep your natural eyelashes healthy by taking care of them properly.

Before we go any further, please note that this post is a simple guide on recommended ways to clean and care for your natural lashes.

If you notice any changes in the appearance of your eyelashes, visit your doctor or see a medical professional for treatment if you have an eye infection or injury. If you think something is stuck in your eye, call a physician to determine whether it's safe to remove it yourself or if you need medical assistance.

Clean your eyelashes gently.

Despite the length and density of your natural lashes, you should remove makeup carefully, especially waterproof mascara. Use a gentle eye makeup remover, cotton swab, or pad to remove the product from your lashes. Avoid rubbing them too hard and applying pressure; this can break the lash hairs and cause damage.

Use a gentle soap or baby shampoo to remove dirt and oil. Use a soft fibre towel or reusable cotton pad; try our 100% Reusable Cotton Rounds by Plantish Future, to wipe away moisture after you wash your lashes and pat them dry with another dry towel.

If you want to use an oil-based cleanser on your eyelids, use a cotton ball or pad soaked in plain water to clean the entire surface of your eyelid gently (soak it for about 1 minute). Then repeat this step with your oil-based cleanser on each lid surface individually for about 3 minutes when removing heavy makeup such as waterproof mascaras; follow up with a mild soap-free eye makeup remover if needed and massage only gently around the eyes.

Despite your choice of makeup remover, we recommend our Altar of Roses Oil-Free Makeup Remover for an all-natural deep clean for your makeup without the risk of damaging your lashes. Use it with our 100% Reusable Cotton Rounds by Plantish, and you’ll be on your way to an all-natural clean beauty routine.

Use brushes to comb your eyelashes thoroughly

Use a lash brush to comb through each of your natural eyelashes from root to tip. This helps distribute the product evenly on both sides of each lash and removes any stubborn build-up on your lashes. Let it dry before applying mascara. Using a lash serum or growth serum will help separate your lashes, making them appear fuller and thicker. You also don't want to apply more than two coats of mascara at once; otherwise, it can irritate your eyes and cause breakage!

Brushing your lashes will also help to remove any build-up, dust, or even broken lash hairs that can get into your eyes, be sure to use a new lash brush; never reuse a disposable lash brush. If you’re using a reusable lash brush, clean and sanitize each time you comb your lashes.

Use a lash serum

There are many different types of lash serums on the market, and if you’re looking for an all-natural lash serum to add to your clean beauty routine, we suggest castor oil. If you’re looking for a lash-specific serum, Undersense is a great option, although, with its higher price tag, it’s worth shelling out the money if you’re looking for long-term lash growth and results.

How do lash serums work?

The whole reason why we want to care for our lashes is so your lashes can grow longer and thicker! Lash serums are a great product made to help increase the growth of your lashes, made with ingredients that hydrate and condition your lashes to stimulate the growth of your lash hair follicles. With consistent use over a long period, lash serums have been proven to lengthen and thicken lash growth. Many people even use it to increase hair growth for their eyebrows.

Other ways to care for your natural lashes

Lash cleaners and shampoos

Investing in a good lash cleaner or shampoo can be beneficial if your lashes catch a lot of build-up throughout the day or if your eyes are extra sensitive. The main difference between lash cleaners and shampoos from makeup removers is that these products are low in sulphate content and do not leave behind a film on your lashes when you clean them.

They’re known to be extremely gentle on your lashes, and if you have lash extensions, they do not loosen the bond between your lashes and the extensions. They also do not irritate your eyes the way hair shampoos do.

Using lash cleaners and shampoos on your natural lashes if a great way to clean out buildup and ensure your lash growth is healthy and consistent.

Heat compresses

Caring for your natural lashes is the same as caring for your eyes in general. Suppose you are prone to dry and sensitive eyes. Without proper care, it will hinder the growth of your natural lashes. We suggest using a heat compress over your eyes several times a week, which helps to deliver heat moisture treatment to your eyes and increases the natural hydration of your eyes.

When your eyes are hydrated, it better defends against bacteria build-up around your eyes and frees up your oil glands to help regulate the growth cycle of your natural lashes.

Eye Rinses

Eye rinses are slightly newer and also quite taboo as they’re not a super popular choice as an option to clean your lashes; they’re usually meant for your eyes. We found a video by Tina Yong, who walks us through her first time using a Japanese eye wash. It was intriguing and strange to watch an eye rinse, but according to Tina, she found that her eyes felt refreshed and hydrated afterwards. Let us know if you would ever give eye rinses a try!

Things to avoid

Avoid sharing makeup, mascara and eye products with others.

It's important to note that you shouldn't share makeup, mascara or eye products with others. For example, if a family member or friend has an eye infection and uses an eyelash curler, you risk picking up the bacteria.

Even if your lashes are coated with mascara and appear clean on the surface, it doesn't mean they've been sterilized from germs that could cause issues. Avoid sharing all types of false eyelashes as well; these can be difficult to clean thoroughly, so there's no telling how many times other women have used them before landing in your hands!

Avoid rubbing your eyes

Avoid pulling, tugging or rubbing your lashes as you clean them. Rubbing your eyes too often or too hard can cause the natural lashes to fall out. Excessive rubbing and touching of your eyes or lashes will irritate and dry out your eyes, hindering the growth of your natural lashes.

Also, avoid being too aggressive with your lash tools. Lash curlers are great for adding fullness and opening up the eye area. Try not to get too close with it—you don't want any pinching or pulling!

Avoid parabens and heavy products on your eyes

Our previous post on tips for an easy clean beauty routine covered the benefits of avoiding parabens and products with heavy ingredients to incorporate a healthier beauty routine. We want to encourage a paraben-free and light beauty routine, especially around your eyes.

Certain oil-based products, even makeup removers, can clog up the pores around your eyes and hinder lash growth. However, if used in moderation, certain parabens and heavy products are safe around the eyes and won’t cause damage to your lashes.

If you’re looking for clean beauty makeup remover alternatives besides micellar water, we recommend our Posh Lash Pro Altar of Roses Oil-Free Makeup Remover for an all-natural deep clean for your complexion without the risk of damaging your natural lashes and irritating your eyes.

Taking care of your natural eyelashes doesn’t have to be complicated

Another thing that we recommend is to regularly clean and sanitize your cosmetic products and tools, be sure to have clean, sanitized hands before you apply your makeup. This is the easiest way to ensure that your natural lashes get the best care they need to grow and prosper.

At Posh Lash Pro, clean beauty is not just a choice but a lifestyle with long-term health benefits for your natural beauty. If you follow these tips, your natural eyelashes will be in good shape to help you when it comes time for an important event or everyday life. So go ahead, take care of those beautiful lashes and show off what they can do!

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