5 Reasons Lash Kits Are Perfect For Any Occassion

5 Reasons Lash Kits Are Perfect For Any Occassion

Give the Gift of Lashes

Gift giving is a year-round practice, and it can be challenging to pick the right gift for a makeup lover. With the latest boom in the lash industry, lash kits have become a thoughtful way of showing someone your appreciation for their cosmetic artistry.

With a wide range of selections in colours, ingredients, and tools. Cosmetics can be incredibly overwhelming, with massive room for error if you're unsure what your recipient likes. False eyelashes have become a luxury and are not only for the red carpet and special events.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or a holiday, here are five reasons why lash kits make perfect gifts for any occasion!

1. False Eyelashes are an Everyday Accessory

Lashes have become a cosmetic standard for any makeup enthusiast. They've evolved from glam makeup to an everyday accessory. Lashes enhance your eyes with or without makeup and accentuate the features of your eyes in the most subtle yet impactful way.

With new lash styles, there are many reasons why each person should choose from a full collection of options. Lashes need to be replaced and renewed for a fresh look. So false eyelash gifts are perfect for any occasion. Any makeup enthusiast will appreciate the thought that goes into knowing which ones are their favourites. At Posh Lash Pro, we keep a record of our customers’ purchases. Whether you’re renewing your lash collection or looking for your bestie’s favourite lashes, we can help you find the right lash so you look consistently glam every day of the week.


2. Strip Lashes help you to be Photo Ready.

As cameras and social media have become a regular part of our lives. Lashes have become an everyday accessory that compliments this call to be ready for your close-up at any given moment. Selfies and TikTok videos are the best ways to capture memories on the go! Why not help your bestie look the part of a well-rested filter-free selfie model when the occasion calls for it.

At Posh Lash Pro, we believe that any moment worth a photo is an important moment, so we want to help you be photo-ready for any occasion. Our lash kits are designed for everyone, whether you're starting your day and want to add a little glam to your look or you're ready to kick your feet up and turn in your lashes. Our lash kits are here to support your lash care routine from the moment you apply your adhesive liner to the moment you remove them with our natural makeup remover.

3. False Eyelash Technology has Improved.

At PLP, we specialize in mink strip lash technology, and it's no surprise that lashes have improved drastically over the last decade. Due to their popularity, false eyelashes and lash kits are more accommodating and inclusive.

Aside from the wide range of lash lengths, colours, styles, and fits, strip lash technology has improved its materials. The lashes' weight is lighter, has a stronger resistance to wear, and is reusable as long the lashes have been cared for. Lash tools and accessories have also evolved and have created easier and swifter lash applications even when you're in a morning rush. Lash adhesives have traditionally been glues but now have incorporated magnetic ingredients to infuse eyeliners with lash adhesives into one.

At PLP, our eyeliner doubles as a lash adhesive, so you can complete a full eye makeup look in one swift go! We recommend our Lash and Liner Duo as the perfect combination for any cosmetic enthusiast looking for a quick and easy lash application.



4. You can never have one set of lashes.

Lash technology improvements also mean a broader range of lash styles that can fit any time of the day; thicker and longer strip lashes are for evening outs, while thinner and shorter lashes are perfect for daywear.

PLP lash kits like our Natural and Glam combo give the wearer both a pair of day wear lashes and a more dramatic pair of lashes for an evening out. The Natural x Glam Combo makes excellent gifts for those who appreciate the subtle impact of lashes throughout their day. How can someone pick only one set of lashes when there are so many options?


5. Lashes are known to help boost confidence.

Our CEO Stephanie Wong is a lash expert and makeup artist and has seen firsthand how lashes can enhance a makeup look and boost the confidence of her model.

“I always tell clients yes to lashes because it makes everything better. It completes your overall look. Throwing on a natural set of lashes will amp up your look from wow, to WOWW!!” - Steph Wong, CEO of Posh Lash Pro.

Steph designed the PLP lash kits with that in mind to create accessible and inclusive well-designed faux mink strip lashes so anyone can bring a subtle and impactful amount of glam for any moment that calls for it. Steph has also made an important step to incorporate natural and sustainable materials and cruelty-free resources so you as a wearer can rest assured that your lashes are made with the best intentions.

Lash kits are perfect for those who appreciate them.

When you've found your perfect pair of strip lashes, it can lift your eyes and widen your gaze to accentuate your facial features. With the rising popularity of false eyelashes and the improvements in eyelash technology, it’s no surprise that strip lashes have become a luxury item within the beauty industry.

Steph and the team at PLP firmly believe that you are beautiful with or without lashes, but we want to be there for you when you're stepping into your spotlight.

So for any season and occasion, be sure to give the gift of lashes and shop our lash kits for your favourite

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