Lash Style Guide

Posh Lash Pro Lash Style Guide

Posh Lash Pro (PLP) is a Women of Colour (WOC)-owned and operated small Canadian business. Posh Lash Pro inspires confidence in those who want to explore the endless possibilities of their natural beauty. We love helping someone feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. Our boutique lash collection is handmade with PBT synthetic fibers mimicking mink hair and has an ultra soft, flexible lash band. Our products are certified with the Leaping Bunny Program which certifies that our products are not tested on animals, and our lashes do not contain animal fibers. 


darling on diff eyes

  "The one that’s always on the move; catch me if you can!"


  • Natural everyday lash style for any day of the week
  • Lash length ranges from 6mm to 9mm 
  • Most versatile everyday natural strip lash
  • Can be worn with or without makeup
  • Graceful, delicate, sultry, romantic

Eye Shapes

  • Any eye shapes and size
  • Designed for those with monolids and hooded eyes in mind


Suitable for any eye shape and perfect for any day of the week. The Darling lashes have a natural cat-eye effect, brightening and lifting the eyes without too much added drama to hinder your natural eye shape.  If you’re new to lash beauty or looking for a natural strip lash to achieve a no-makeup look, the Darling lashes are perfect for any occasion.

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    monroe lashes on different eyeshapes
    "The one that’s always glammed up!"


    • Natural lash style with a bit of added drama
    • Lash length ranges from 6mm to 11mm 
    • Wispier look that widens the eyes, lengthening the eyelids, with a slight hint of glam to brighten the eyes
    • Sophisticated, elegant, dreamy, wispy

    Eye Shapes

    • Best suited for: Round, Close Set, Hooded, Big lid space
    • Suitable for any eye shape


    Monroe lashes are versatile enough for an everyday makeup look and can be worn for any occasion, with or without makeup. The wispy look of these lashes will make your eyes pop, no matter what your natural makeup look is!

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    Posh Lashes on different eyeshapes
    "Don’t wait for the light at the end of the tunnel, light it up yourself baby!"


    • Sexy kitten lash
    • Designed to create smoldering effect, celebrating the most iconic cosmetic eyelook: the cat eye 
    • Lash length ranges from 11mm to 14mm 
    • Feathery, C curl, sassy, adaptable, intelligent 

    Eye Shapes

    • Almond, Hooded, Big lid 


    Our Posh Lashes create a seductive eye to capture the attention of everyone in the room, perfect for a date night. The Posh Lashes have an even placement of longer lashes on the outer corners. Outer corners elongate the eye, creating the illusion of an upturned cat-eye effect.

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    Nova lashes on different eyeshapes
    "The eye of the tiger? You’re looking at it!"


    • The fiercest lash style for the ages
    • Wispy, feathery, volume lash designed for maximum glam and dramatic effect
    • Lash lengths ranges from 5mm to 14mm 
    • Dramatic curl to the lashes
    • Classy, sophisticated, drama queen, ambitious, hard working, creative

    Eye Shapes

    • Almond, Wide Set, Hooded, Big Lid


    The Nova Lashes combine wispy, feathery, and volume into one strip lash style, designed for maximum glam and dramatic effect. The clusters of longer lashes create a feathery finish, with the thick cluster of short lash hairs on the band intensifying and boldening the look of the eye.


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    stiletto lashes on different eyeshapes
    "The one that can’t be tamed!"


    • A wispy lash style to flirt with
    • Wispiest strip lash, designed to be light and flirty
    • Lash length ranges from 9mm to 15mm 
    • Fun, spontaneous, wild, fierce, honest

    Eye Shapes

    • Round, Hooded, Big Lid


    The Stiletto lashes are the perfect lashes to bat your eyes, so you can dazzle that special someone. The clusters of longer lashes create a feathery finish, while the thinner inner cluster of shorter lashes on the band helps brighten and soften the eyes for a brightened, youthful look.


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    amour lashes on different eyeshapes
    The one who signs your paycheque!


    • Voluminous Glam lash style
    • Glamourous volume lashes with a hint of warmth, designed for voluminous effect
    • Lash length ranges from 9mm to 13mm creating a more rounded eye look
    • Feathery, sassy, passionate, courageous, optimistic, stubborn, love of luxury and comfort 

    Eye Shapes 

    • Round, Almond, Hooded, Small Lid Space, Big Lid Space


    Amour lashes are perfect for outdoor brunches, bridal and baby showers, or any occasion that requires lots of smiling and laughing. The Amour lashes are the lashes of love because they’re here to accent warm eyes and bright smiles. If you want to achieve a playful, doll-like makeup look with a hint of glamour;  try our Amour Lashes.


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