5 things no one ever tells you about fake eyelashes

5 things no one ever tells you about fake eyelashes

With all the available beauty brands, most people are just randomly picking their lashes up. At Posh Lash Pro, we teach you what to do next when you're shopping so you can maximize your time and money while enhancing your natural beauty. Whether you’re new to wearing lashes, looking to enhance your lash routine, or searching for an answer, Posh Lash Pro has you covered. We teamed up with professional makeup artists to bring you this guide on the things that people should be telling you about fake eyelashes so you can make an informed decision.

You should always choose lashes based on your eye shape.

When picking your lashes, one of the first factors to consider is your eye shape and how much eyelid space you have. You typically don’t want your lashes to touch your eyebrows, unless that’s the look you’re going for. Other factors also include the length and volume of the lashes and what eye shape you have. For more information on what to look for when deciding on your lashes, check out our blog post on picking the best lashes for your eye shape here, or check out our Instagram Style Guide highlights. 

Choose a style based on your event and personal style preference.

Choosing the right lash style depends on 2 major factors, the reason why you are wearing lashes and what your personal style preferences are. Depending on the event you are attending, and your personal preference, your lash style should reflect that! For an everyday natural lash with a little hint of glam, try our Monroe Lashes. For a more glamorous look, try our CEO’s favourite, the Amour Lashes

Invest in lashes with good quality.

At Posh Lash Pro we believe you should invest in your lashes. High-quality strip lashes made out of synthetic fibres have an average lifespan of about 8-10 wears. Posh Lash Pro offers quality handmade faux mink lashes that are reusable up to 20 times with proper care. As a bonus, understanding how and why certain brands choose their preferred lash material will help you through your shopping journey to make the best choice based on your beauty routine and cosmetic needs. To learn the difference between mink lashes versus faux mink versus silk lashes, click here.

Learn how to apply your lashes correctly.

Practice makes perfect, so don't be afraid to play around with lashes! Practice patience and kindness with yourself if you are new to lashes, especially if you have shaky hands. Before applying lashes, we suggest you take a minute to learn how to trim your lashes to fit your eyes for a better application. To learn how to trim your fake lashes, click here. Did you also know that the direction in which you apply your fake lashes matters too? To learn the 3 ways applying your fake lashes can change your look here.

Wear strip lashes if you want to explore endless possibilities of your beauty routine

There are many advantages to using fake lashes vs other lash-enhancing products or services such as eyelash extensions. Lash extensions can get expensive to maintain since they generally need to be refilled every 2-4 weeks or so depending on your lash retention. With fake lashes, you are not stuck with one style everyday, unlike with eyelash extensions. Fake lashes allow you to go glam today, and natural tomorrow! 

Shop the Natural x Glam Combo for the best of both worlds. This combo comes with your choice of Posh 2-in-1 Adhesive Eyeliner in Black or Clear with our signature best seller Darling Lash for an everyday natural no-makeup look. Choose one of our signature glam lash styles to take your makeup look from natural to glam in one swift lash change. 

Join the Posh Lash Pro community

From the basic tips and tricks, to more advanced style options, Posh Lash Pro has all the advice you need before making a lash purchase. As a luxury lash business, we want to educate our community on the best practices when it comes to lash beauty. If you have any questions or have a myth you want us to debunk, feel free to explore all the different resources we provide for new lash users and for the more advanced lash expert. When you’re ready to step your lash game up, visit our shop and find the lash of your dreams! 

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