Everything you need to know about Posh Lash Pro Adhesive Eyeliner

Everything you need to know about Posh Lash Pro Adhesive Eyeliner

At Posh Lash Pro (PLP), we believe lashes are a subtle yet impactful cosmetic product that can truly enhance a makeup look. PLP is a women-owned Canadian luxury cosmetics brand specializing in lash beauty. PLP offers a boutique collection of the highest quality cruelty-free faux mink lashes and a line of accessories to simplify your lash application and beauty routine. 

Posh Lash Pro encourages safe lash practices throughout your journey, and we’ve put together this post to help you learn the proper steps to caring for your adhesive eyeliner and how to spot when you’re in need of a replacement.

If you notice any changes in the appearance of your eyes, visit your doctor or see a medical professional for treatment if you have an eye infection or injury. If you think something is stuck in your eye, call a physician to determine whether it's safe to remove it yourself or if you need medical assistance.


Simplify your lash application routine with the Posh Lash Pro Adhesive Eyeliner

Whether you’re getting ready for work or a party, the Posh Adhesive Eyeliner simplifies your lash application routine from two steps to one. Now you can avoid the mess of sticky traditional eyelash glues with the revolutionary Posh Adhesive Eyeliner. The hypoallergenic binding glue ingredients offer long-lasting, all-day hold for any pair of your favourite strip lashes without sacrificing comfort for convenience. Achieve clean lines with the precision tip for a fast lash application. Or opt for the clear liner for a natural and seamless cosmetic look.

We recommend our Lash & Liner duo for everything you need for a quick and simple two-step lash application. Choose your favourite strip lash and your go-to Posh Adhesive Liner to create your custom lash kit.


Signs you need a new Adhesive Eyeliner

At Posh Lash Pro, we are always here for you, every step of the way because we value your journey as you explore and curate your beauty routine. Tested and approved by the Posh Lash Pro team, it is important to learn the best makeup practices so you can maximize your beauty products. 

Liquid eyeliner should be replaced every three months. Once opened, the Posh Adhesive Liner will last up to 3 months. In general, some signs that you’re due for a replacement include a  change in colour and texture, dry out, or the liner may even get clumpy. Due to its hypoallergenic binding glue ingredients in our Posh Adhesive Liner, the eyeliner texture will dry out and pick up your makeup. 

Using expired makeup is very dangerous. Like mascara, liquid eyeliner can transfer bacteria, so pumping eyeliner or mascara will push the bacteria further down. Over time, makeup collects bacteria from our skin and the environment around it. Any contaminated or expired eyeliner may cause eye and skin infections; resulting in red, swollen, puffy and irritated eyes. This is one of the reasons why it is never recommended to share makeup. Since it comes close in contact with your eyes, eyeliner generally is safe for up to 3 months.

To learn more safe lash practices, refer to this guide on the best tips on how to care for your natural lashes.


Store your Adhesive Eyeliner in a cool, dry place.

To maximize the shelf life of your Posh Adhesive Liner, be sure to shake your eyeliner before every use. The texture and consistency of the liner may change depending on how and where you store the eyeliner, so we recommend you store it in a cool, dry place. Never store your adhesive eyeliners in a humid place, as that will affect the hypoallergenic binding glue ingredients. 

To learn more about our adhesive liner, check out our guide on 3 Things you need to know about our Clear Posh Adhesive Liner


Never use an expired eyeliner! If you’ve owned your Posh Adhesive Liner for over 3 months, be mindful of the texture changes and dispose of it as needed.  Start your liner routine right by using a clean applicator each time, to minimize the spread of bacteria.


Other ways you can use the Posh Adhesive Eyeliner

The Posh Adhesive Liner was created for consumers to simplify your lash routine from two steps to one, making lash applications easier no matter your skill level. However, there are alternate ways you can use an adhesive eyeliner. 

Pair your favourite Posh Adhesive Liner with any of our Posh Lash Pro faux mink strip lashes, any regular strip lashes, or wear it alone. The PLP faux mink strip lashes are available to use with traditional lash glue, or an adhesive eyeliner. 

Alternatively, you can try using our Posh Adhesive Liner in Clear as an eyelid glue, or even as your glue for the gemstones in your glam makeup look. 

Be ready for your spotlight with Posh Lash Pro

At Posh Lash Pro, we believe lashes are a subtle, yet impactful cosmetic product that can truly enhance a makeup look. We offer a boutique collection of the highest quality cruelty-free faux mink lashes and a line of accessories to simplify your lash application and beauty routine. If you're trying to switch to a clean beauty routine, it can be overwhelming at first, especially with so much information out there. But it's not impossible! We love helping someone feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. We believe that everyone is beautiful with or without lashes. Still, we want to support you whenever you want to step into your spotlight - because we enjoy the process of helping you find the perfect cosmetic solution based on your needs.

There are ways to make the transition easier and faster. Join our mailing list to receive free lash guides created by Posh Lash Pro to help you curate your beauty routine. Plus, receive your first 10% off your first order. Sign in with the same email to our Posh Lash Pro Rewards Program to start earning points towards your next purchase.

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