Top 3 uses for Altar of Roses

Top 3 uses for Altar of Roses

The Challenge

Challenge accepted! Our Altar of Roses makeup remover was created in partnership with Urban Country Organics, a small Canadian-owned company, specializing in certified organic, sustainable, pure plant-based ingredients. Check out our interview with Sarah, the Creator and CEO of Urban Country Organics here

Since using oils is not recommended for faux lashes, we challenged Urban Country Organics to create an oil-free eyelash extension cleanser, tailored specifically to our lashes. Working with a small business like Urban Country Organics means they are able to help with smaller orders and are willing to do trial and error with the product prior to its release. Through this trial and error process, Posh Lash Pro and Sarah teamed up to create a versatile product that worked well with sensitive skin.

The Distillation Process

The Distillation process for Altar of Roses begins with the planting of the Altar of Roses Geranium in the Spring (typically in April or May depending on the weather), where it is grown organically for 5 months and is harvested in late September to early October. These geraniums are used to create a Hydrolat (aka hydrosol or floral water). During the day-long distillation process, Sarah, CEO of Urban Country Organics, leaves the essential oils produced during the process in with the Hydrolat to give it a more alluring scent and to optimize the skin healing properties of the plant's bounty. The best part? Once the Hydrolat is complete, Sarah spends weeks creating, and testing different blends using a variety of natural ingredients before finalizing a product.

For a more in depth explanation on the Distillation process, make sure to check out Urban Country Organic's blog post on how Hydrolats are created, and its many uses.


CEO Tip: Use by Summer 2023!

Altar of Roses’ blend includes 6 ingredients: Altar of Roses Geranium Hydrosol*, Rose Hydrosol, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera Juice, Vegetable Glycerin*, Citric Acid. Because this makeup remover is made purely of high quality, certified organic ingredients, it must be used by Summer 2023.**

*Certified Organic

** Disclaimer: Please note that use of this product past its best before date may result in adverse skin reactions or other unwanted effects. Posh Lash Pro recommends proper disposal of products and will not be responsible for any adverse effects that are caused by use of any of its products outside of their best before date. 

3 ways to use Altar of Roses

At Posh Lash Pro, we love a versatile product! ! Our Altar of Roses Makeup Remover is no exception. Initially created as a cleanser to remove our lashes and liner without the use of oils, this product can also be used to prep your skin for your lashes, as a general makeup cleanser, or as a hydrating spray. Altar of Roses is particularly good if you’re sensitive to most cleansers and want to know what’s being put in your products. With a simple formula of 6 locally-harvested and mostly organic ingredients, Altar of Roses can provide you with some peace of mind, while supporting a Canadian-owned business at the same time. 

Why Altar of Roses?

Since the challenge was to create an oil-free remover that could also double as a eyelash prep and makeup spray, Altar of Roses is the perfect stocking stuffer or holiday gift idea because it’s so versatile! Formulated with only 6 ingredients, Altar of Roses is a staple for everyday use. 

Altar of Roses was formulated for all skin types! The essential oils produced in the distillation process are purposely left in the Hydrolat, otherwise known as floral water, to give it a more alluring scent and to optimize the skin healing properties of the Altar of Roses Geranium. This particular formula boasts many skin effects from ingredients such as Aloe and Witch Hazel, including: anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-aging. In addition, the use of Rose, a gentle ingredient, is generally good for hydrating the skin. Altar of Roses is perfect for those who prefer to use minimal products or who want the best bang for their buck - 1 product that is designed for at least 3 different applications. Who can ask for more! 

Disclaimer: Skincare trials and test periods typically should be for a minimum of 2-3 weeks to see real results. Any products used as part of your skincare routine should be used with caution and results may vary. If you have an adverse reaction, please discontinue use of the product immediately. 

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