The Best Way to Clean Your Faux Mink Strip Lashes

The Best Way to Clean Your Faux Mink Strip Lashes

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One of our favourite questions from our Posh Lash Pro customers is how we clean our faux mink strip lashes. We love this question because we love hearing that our customers want to maximize the life cycle of our lashes. Our strip lashes are built to last up to 20 times with proper care.

At Posh Lash Pro, we highly recommend that everyone clean their strip lashes after every use because it will extend their shelf life, but due to lashes being an external product that sits close to your eyes, the risk of infection is very high. To avoid any harm to your eyes, here's how to clean your faux mink strip lashes.

Determine the type of strip lashes you have

Depending on the type of lashes you have, either natural or synthetic, the methods of cleaning and sanitizing them will be slightly different. However, most lashes are synthetic, and our guide today will be for our Posh Lash Pro synthetic faux mink strip lashes. If you have natural mink lashes, do not use this guide to clean them. Take a look at our lash guide and learn more about the different lash materials.

Let's get your faux mink strip lashes clean!

What You'll Need:

  1. Your False Eyelashes
  2. Tweezer
  3. Mascara Wand or Clean Makeup Brush
  4. Reusable Cotton Pads or Paper Towel or a Small Bowl/Container
  5. Makeup Remover of Choice (Posh Lash Pro Altar of Roses Oil-Free Makeup Remover, Micellar Water or any oil-free makeup remover)

1. Wash your hands

A crucial step here. There's no point trying to clean your lashes when your hands are not clean and sanitized.

2. Gently Soak your Lashes

Use either a reusable cotton pad, paper towel, or if you're cleaning multiple pairs of lashes, use a small bowl or container and gently soak the lash in your choice of cleanser for up to five minutes.

We recommend the Posh Lash Pro Altar of Roses Oil-Free Makeup Remover, micellar water or any oil-free makeup cleanser and even rubbing alcohol.

Be careful not to soak your lashes for too long; we want them to have a gentle bath, not to be drenched; otherwise, it may damage the lash fibres.

3. Remove lash residue

Gently use a tweezer (or your fingers) and slowly remove the lash residue and any build-up by plucking it off the lash band. Then use a mascara wand or makeup brush and brush off any mascara residue from the lashes.

4. Let your lashes dry.

Once cleaned, brush out and comb your lashes through with a mascara wand and put them back in the box in their original shape to dry. Be sure to keep track of which is the right and left lash by placing them correctly in the box.

Optional: UV Sanitizer Machine

If you are on the latest beauty trend and have a UV sanitizer machine, place the clean lashes on the tray turn on the UV Sanitizer to give it a good clean. The UVC rays will break down any bacteria build-up on your lashes.

Posh Lash Pro Best Lash Practices!

Use this guide for one or multiple pairs of strip lashes. We recommend our Posh Lash Pro Lash Care Kit for everything you need to clean all of your lashes.

Cleaning your strip lashes is the best way to ensure that your lashes are safe to wear and minimizes the risk of harm to your eyes. It also maintains the shape of your strip lashes to extend their shelf life so you can reuse them and look your best whenever you’re ready to step into your spotlight.

Follow us to get the latest tips on best lash practices so you can maximize the shelf life of all of your strip lashes.

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